Techno-Horror Tuesdays - eXistenZ

David Cronenberg, 1999   |    03/12 7:00pm

Venue: Lombard Cafe

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Join us every Tuesday this month for a series of films that explore the horrors of our digital world. ✨ First up is eXistenZ (1999, 97 min), David Cronenberg’s body-horror thriller that sees Jude Law and Jennifer Jason Leigh running from assassins in a bio-mechanical virtual reality game. 🛜 After that you can catch Pulse (2001, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, 119 min), a meditative and unnerving exploration of loneliness and dread and what happens when ghosts terrorize you through the internet. 👻 Finally, we’ll take a look at the terror of suburban Connecticut with The Stepford Wives (1975, Bryan Forbes, 117 min). 💅